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Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are cultivated in numerous colors while the most common variant is the red one, other colors include yellow, green, orange, blue, black, brown, pink, white and purple.

This ruby red fruit ­čŹů is so good for you, from vitamins and minerals to Lycopene.

A single tomato can provide about 40% of the daily recommended minimum of vitamin C. What's more, tomatoes supply vitamin A, which supports immunity, vision, and skin health; vitamin K, which is good for your bones; and potassium, a key nutrient for heart function, muscle contractions, and maintaining a healthy blood pressure and fluid balance.

Tomatoes also help the synthesis of good cholesterol and reduce the production of bad cholesterol. Therefore, people with any cardiovascular diseases are advised to include tomatoes in their daily diet. It is also really helpful in lowering your elevated blood sugar levels. It contains an antioxidant called Alpha-Lipoic acid that aids in converting glucose into energy which is highly recommended for people with diabetes.

There are infinite ways to include tomatoes in your diet. And since they are low in calories, you can happily fit them into your diet the way you want.

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